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MAJOR Blizzard Today For the Dakotas & Upper Midwest

Good morning everyone! As promised, I have another weather update regarding our big storm system which will be producing a blizzard over the Dakotas and Upper Midwest today and some decent interior mountain snow tomorrow through Tuesday across Southern New England. Our current upper air pattern at 500 millibars (~18,000 feet) shows some interesting features. Our Greenland blocking pattern is

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Thanksgiving Forecast: Record Snow Has Fallen, But More is to Come

By Chris Martz | November 27, 2019 Millions of Americans have already begun travelling for the Thanksgiving holiday, though many more have yet to depart on their adventure. Depending upon where you are travelling, there could be some quite hazardous weather to be on the lookout for. Unfortunately, much of the U.S. will see impacts from a large storm system

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A Sad Day Today…

While this blog’s purpose is to provide accurate forecasts for major U.S. weather events, weather education, and climate op-eds, today’s post is quite a bit different and personal. What happened? As you all have known, my black lab/pit bull (?) mix, Jethro, has been very sick these last few days. I have posted updates every day on my Twitter page.

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2019 – 2020 Winter Forecast

By Chris Martz and Chase Koller | November 16, 2019 As clocks are turned back and temperatures are plunging, the change from fall to winter is upon us. After last year was our fourth consecutive winter with above average temperatures and precipitation in the Mid-Atlantic, our team will break down what to expect this winter below! Click the Download button

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The Nonsense Has Got to Stop

Last weekend, I wrote a long and detailed article explaining why man-made climate change is not causing more frequent cold air outbreaks in the mid-latitudes. I have received a lot of backlash from meteorologists and weather enthusiasts today because of some comments I made on Twitter yesterday evening and this morning that disputed scientifically incorrect claims made by the United

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No, Global Warming is Not Causing More Frequent Arctic Outbreaks

By Chris Martz | November 9, 2019 INTRODUCTION Just when wildfires weren’t enough, we now have people blaming cold weather on a warming climate, which seems quite contradictory. In light of the Arctic outbreak in forecast this coming week, people like Phil Plait (who has since blocked me) took to Twitter (Figure 1) to claim that man-made climate change is

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