Presentation on Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change

I was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with my friend and fellow Millersville University meteorology major, Gavin Morgan on a research project and final presentation for my UNIV103 First Year Exploring Earth Systems Class. We decided to investigate the relationship between man-made climate change and tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic. The full presentation is below.

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  1. Any explanation for thisongoing system over Gulf of Mexico/Florida? It produced a tremendous show of power. 83 mph winds off Sebastian Inlet ~4-5pm with 60 mph gusts up and down the East coast.

    Used GOES IMAGE VIEWER but 240 images would not download for some reason. You can see it here. Please forward to Deans List student Mr. Morgan!

    Dan in Cocoa Beach.

    GOES-East CONUS – Sandwich
    20 hour loop – 240 images – 5 minute update


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