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Hurricane Dorian Thoughts

Author’s note: Thoughts on this page are mine and mine only. They may or may not reflect the thoughts or opinions of NOVA Weather Team’s. For decision making and preparations, PLEASE seek official NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC) info. Good afternoon everyone! Hurricane Dorian is really crankin’ today. It remains a Category 4 thus far today, as maximum sustained winds

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Paris Set Their All-Time Hottest Temperature This Week. Is it Climate Change? No.

By Chris Martz | July 26, 2019 Follow @ChrisMartzWX It’s summer, temperatures are hot - sometimes record hot - and as usual, climate alarmism reaches record highs, and climate activists have a field day with it by fear mongering rather than reasoning with facts and data. Every week, various weather events end up getting caught in the spokes of the wheel of climate; it’s

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Heat Wave Hysteria? The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Chris Martz | July 20, 2019 Follow @ChrisMartzWX We’ve made it to mid-July and we are just now having our first major heat wave of the season here in the United States.  A massive ridge of high pressure has built in over the southeast, which is dominating weather conditions almost everywhere east of the Rockies (Figure 1).¹ The National Weather Service has issued Heat Advisories,

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