Dr. Judith Curry & Chris Martz Interview: Q&A Session

Dr. Judith Curry and I agreed to an interview sometime within the next few weeks. A date and time have not yet been scheduled, but I shall divulge that information in the coming days or weeks. It will be uploaded to both here and my YouTube channel.

If you would like to submit a question, you can fill out the form below. You can ask anything weather or climate related. If you’re a young and upcoming meteorologist, feel free to ask about career opportunities. You may submit a question that is open-ended for either or even both of us to answer or you can specify who you want to answer your question.

We’re going to open this thread ahead of time so we can have educated and well-written responses. Please use your real name (first required, last optional) so we can properly address your question in the interview. Thanks!!

The form below will eventually be removed. Until then, it’s open!

Categories: Climate, Weather

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